Members Handbook

The Members Handbook has all the key information you will need to ensure we have a successful and fun club to be a part of.

Please read the handbook and contact a committee member if you have any questions or concerns.

Mt Maunganui Amateur Swimming Club - Members Handbook

A link to the Swimming New Zealand contitution can be found below

SNZ Constitution 

Also below you will find the New Zealand Swimming Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Objective of the Codes of Conduct are to ensure that Members, parents and guardians comply with certain standards of behaviour when participating in swimming related activities. The SNZ Code of Conduct applies to all members of Swimming New Zealand and any persons participating or connected to Swimming New Zealand activities. These members and persons include but are not limited to 

Team Managers


Training Programme Deliverer
Technical Official
Member, Administrator, Associate, Quality Swim School

Medical Information Update 

Received from Swimming NZ 15/12/2016

We have had a number of queries surrounding the qualifying criteria of the Individual Medley for the Division II Competition. It has been made apparent to us that there are swimmers with medical conditions such as knee problems that prevent them from doing certain strokes that would allow them to gain an IM Qualifying time to attend Division II Competition. It has been decided by the Events Advisory Committee that a dispensation will be considered for swimmers that are faced by this situation if they can provide a medical certificate stating that they are not able to perform a certain stroke, preventing them from gaining the IM time needed to qualify for Division II Competition. This is not for swimmers with short term injuries but is for swimmers with a medical condition that prevents them from performing a stroke of the IM.

Also from the 1st January 2017 for all national meets, swimmers with strapping must provide documentation from a relevant registered health practitioner or physiotherapist and be reviewed by the Meet Director prior to swimming. Any swimmers without such documentation will not be permitted to swim.