Preparing for a meet

Below is a checklist that you may find handy when getting ready for a swimming meet.

Getting ready the night before is a good way to start, ensuring that you don't leave anything behind.  Do it yourself as you know what you need the best.

Bag - Waterproof and big enough to easily find things in.

Towels - At least 2.  They become very wet over the day.  You can use a chamois to dry yourself before you use your towel.

Togs - A snug fitting pair is best, have a spare back up pair with you.

Caps - Club caps are preferred.  Have at least one back up cap.

Goggles -  Have a couple of pairs at least as they do break easily. Test new ones out at training to get the fit right.

Clothing - Bring warm comfortable clothes that are easy to get on and off. A polar fleece rug can be handy. Team shirts are available. You need to have and extra change of clothes as a back up. Things tend to get wet at swim meets!

Water Bottle - Always bring a water bottle also some electrolyte replacement is handy if it's a big meet. Keep your fluids up.

Food - Easily digested things like canned rice puddings, bananas and nuts.

Entertainment - Books, ipods anything to keep you amused and relaxed while you wait.

Have Fun and Race Fast