At the meet

Below are some simple tips for those attending meets, both for swimmers and parents. Have fun and race hard!

Swimmers and Parents

Check in with the Team Manager. 
Get there ½ an hour before warm up to do your land based warm up with the team. 
Parents of competitive swimmers are expected to do some time keeping duties. We all like to watch our kids swim but the club MUST provide 1 official per 4 swimmers. Sharing a session with someone else makes it less onerous. 
Buying your own programme can help your organisation of your day.
Cheer on your team mates.
Some of the bigger events require you to swim heats and then finals.
Sometimes age group ribbons or medals are awarded. These are normally distributed by you team manager.


Sit with you club so your Team Manager can let you know when to go to marshalling. Keep an ear open to what is happening. Don't wander off as there is no time to look for people. 

Check in with your coach before you go to marshalling for a race plan. 
At marshalling your name will be checked off. Keep seated in your allocated space until moving to the start. 

The Race

Check with the time keepers that you have the right heat and lane, mistakes happen. 
Stand quietly behind the timekeepers until it's your race. 
Keep at least a top on until the last possible moment. 
Get your cap and goggles on comfortably. 
At the end of the race only exit the pool when you are signaled to do so. If timing equipment is being used NEVER climb out over it, use the ladders at the side. 
Ask the time keepers for your time, politely and remember to thank them - they are volunteers. 
Talk to you coach after your race for an evaluation of your performance.


Official times are posted on the wall after each event.  
Write these down or get them off the Club website, Swimming BOP website or from SwimInfo NZ. 
Keep a record of your results so you can track your improvements or register online with Take Your Marks.

Most importantly