Health and Safety Plan - COVID 19 - May 2020

Due to the current COVID 19 enviroment, the Mount Maunganui Swim Club has developed a Health and Safety Plan to keep our swimmers safe.

Please read and familarise yourself with your responsibilities

Mount Maunganui Swimming Club

Health and Saftey Plan - COVID 19 - May 2020



If you, or anyone in your household, shows any signs of COVID-19 you must stay home. You should call your doctor or Healthline and get tested if advised. You may not attend Swim Squad if you or someone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms, or if you or someone in your household has been directed to isolate.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • Cough

  • High temperature (38 degrees C or higher)

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sore throat

  • Sneezing or runny nose

  • Temporary loss of smell

If you stay at home because of any of these symptoms, please seek medical advice immediately.

Pool Entry / Contact Tracing

You must register at pool reception, for contact tracing purposes, every time you attend a swim squad session. 

  • Baywave will have a Contact Tracing Booth before you walk into reception with assistance.

Membership or concession cards are recommended (these also give you discounted entry)

Doors will open before 6am, allowing the first squad of the day to enter, register, and be ready to start swimming at 5.45am

Physical Distancing

We are required to use best endeavours to remain physically distanced from others. This includes:

  • At least 1m from others in your lane (see below for more information)

  • At least 2m from all other pool facility users and staff

 Please observe distancing requirements whilst:

  • Waiting for the pool to open

  • Queuing to enter

  • During swim sessions

  • Waiting for swim squads to start

  • After squad / when getting changed


Toilets, showers, change rooms

Please minimise use of toilets, showers, and change rooms (to limit opportunities for contact with others and limit surfaces touched) by:

  • Arriving at the pool already wearing swimwear

  • Showering at home or work rather than the pool

All pool equipment and facilities will be cleaned frequently throughout the day by pool staff.

Drinking fountains

It is recommended you bring your own drinks from home. Bottle fill facilities are available, but drinking fountains may not be used directly.


Supply and handling

You must supply all your own swim equipment, and handle only your own equipment:

  • You will need your own paddles, pull buoy, snorkel, fins as in the past

  • Equipment may not be shared between swimmers

  • Please do not pass equipment between people - only handle your own gear


Lane setup

Lanes will be wide enough to help maintain distancing between swimmers. Additionally:

  • Each lane will be split into two groups and start from opposite ends of the pool

  • Lane leaders will need to communicate with each other to ensure both ends start swimming at the same time so there is no overlap or congestion

  • Workouts will be designed to limit congestion / overlaps

  • Written workouts will be displayed at both ends of the pool

Distancing within your lane

Every swimmer must use best endeavours to stay 1m away from others in the lane at all times. This includes:

  • When stopped at the end and between intervals

  • When changing equipment

  • Not drafting directly behind others in your lane

  • If you stop whilst others continue swimming, then move into the corner of the lane well away from the path of swimmers

Passing other swimmers

With extra wide lanes there is space to pass other swimmers by using the middle of the lane. However where possible please arrange the lane order so the need to pass is minimised.

Staying in sync

Lane leaders will need to communicate with each other to ensure both ends start swimming at the same time so there is no overlap or congestion. This may require some people having slightly longer or shorter rests than prescribed in the workout. Please do this to ensure the lane stays in sync through a whole swim set.

If you are joining the session late please do not just get in and start swimming. Join at the back of your lane and follow along with what others are doing. Once an interval is finished you can rearrange the lane order.

You can stop at one end of the pool whilst your lane continues to swim. Please move into the corner away from swimmers, then rejoin your group when they next come past.

Breathing / Spitting

At times you will be breathing hard and getting mouthfuls of water. Please be conscious of others around you, to ensure water or spray is not exhaled in the direction of another person.


All individual squad members are responsible for:

  • Adhering to all the requirements of this plan

  • Informing Coach or Board Member where it is not practical to adhere to the plan, or others are not adhering to the plan

Continuous or blatant breaches of the plan may result in the squad member being suspended.


The swim squad coach is responsible for:

  • Staying away from squad and the pool if Coach has any signs of illness *

  • Communicating details of this plan and any changes to squad members

  • Monitoring adherence of squad members to this plan

  • Recording who attended each session, and which lane they swam in

Coach will be poolside to direct the session, answer questions, and give feedback as usual.

In order that squad sessions continue if coach is away due to illness, the following will be in place:

  • Coach to provide written workouts to lane leaders for the week ahead.

  • Coach to notify lane leaders if he will be absent from a session.

  • Lane leaders will direct the session for their lane.


The Mount Maunganui Swimming Club Board will be responsible for communicating any changes to these processes.

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