Welcome to our swimming club where we offer high-performance swim coaching and training.

For local children and young adults who want to swim competitively or who are committed to swimming as training for other sports, such as water polo or surf.  

support and develop our younger swimmers who may wish to follow a competitive swimming pathway as they progress and f
or any members who are committed to swim training.


As members of the Club, swimmers and their families have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the activities of a community organisation, make friends, learn new skills and responsibilities, and have fun along the way.

The Club believes that racing helps all our swimmers build confidence, speed, agility and strategic-thinking skills. Our Club championship and handicap races give all our swimmers the opportunity to compete with other Club swimmers on a male/female age-group basis for awards and prizes. 

We hold Club Nights regularly throughout the year, and all Club swimmers are encouraged to come alone an get together for some fun competition. There is a variety of races, relays and fun events. Club Race Nights are similar to Club Nights but are run a bit more formally so that swimmers can experience a ‘real’ swim meet, practise their race starts and how to pace themselves during a race. Times are recorded and can be used at a later date for swim meets. 


Latest News

AGM 2020 To be held 29th October 2020 October 13th 2020

Annual General Meeting for Mount Maunganui Amateur Swimming Club to be held 29th October 2020

AGM 2020 To be held 16th September 2020 Deferred to later date September 1st 2020

Annual General Meeting 2020 to be held 16th September - Deferred to later date

Taranaki Winter Champs July 28th 2020

Taranaki Winter Champs Away Trip

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